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Your phone number and E-mail address are asked when you answer a riddle just to authenticate your details in case a prize is anticipated.

Our server is keeping the exact second in which you posted your answer - so we can know who was the first to send the correct solution.

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This site is fully compatible with all smart phones - iPhones, Androids, iPads... feel free to login and post a solution to the Mobile Riddle if you see us in the street - the sooner you post an answer is the better!

From our Blog

Our blog is our way to imformally communicate with you, by publishing thoughts, ideas, photos and future plans. We hope to start a discussion in our blog in regard to messages hiding in the Mobile Riddle, so please come in and feel free to comment

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Riddle Hint!

Riddle Hint: the answer is ALWAYS a name of a person, an organization, a company or a business in New Zealand, usually no more than 3 words. The person or the organization is a real one, i.e. not virtual or iamginery, and is the solution for the message hiding in the picture.

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